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Hair Growth Challenge 2020

Thank you for your interest in our hair growth challenge!  Below are videos that will explain the rules for the next 3 months and even a video that provides some suggested steps to get the best results! 

Hair Growth Challenge Rules

Hair Growth Challenge Steps


Hair Growth Challenge 2020


Our hair growth challenge will be fun and beneficial to anyone who participates.  Join our co-CEO, Dominique Wilson, on this hair growth journey for 90 days and be amazed on how much healthier, stronger, and longer your hair will be.  At the end of each month, Dominique will post her new hair growth on our IG page cw_haircare and FaceBook page CW Haircare, Inc., (along with all of the participants).  Each participant at the end of the challenge will receive a free shipping coupon for the remainder of the year.  Please subscribe to our email list so you can receive continuous updates on our challenge.  Can’t wait to join you on this organic hair growth journey!





1. Follow us on our IG (cw_haircare) and comment under one of our pictures the hashtag (#hairgrowthchallenge2020) to let us know that you will be participating.


2. You must use our Hair Growth Set in order to participate in the challenge.

Purchase our CW Hair Growth Set on our website www.cwhaircare.com and use the code NYNU2020 to activate the discount.


3. Measure your hair and take a picture to keep track of your length for the next 90 days.


4. Once you receive your products take a picture of the packaging and use the hashtag (#hairgrowthchallenge2020) on your IG and tag us in order to be feautured on our IG page and website.


5. Must use products consistently for 90 days.  90 days routine will be emailed this weekend.


P.S. If you have in protective styles then you can participate in the 90 days growth challenge.  Just spray your scalp and apply the oil every day or night and when you decide to wash your hair then follow the routine steps that will be emailed to you this weekend.

Use Discount Code: NYNU2020 during checkout