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Our Story

CWHaircare™ was created by Chaleta Wilson and her daughter Dominique Wilson and here’s their story:


I created CWHaircare™ initially to solve my own hair loss problems. I had lost my edges due to stress from  the many different hairstyles I wore that pulled at my edges.  Our hair, "our crown" is directly tied to our identity so I was devastated!  I tried everything on the market that claimed to grow your hair back and nothing worked. Thus, I decided to solve my own problem (as usual) by researching hair growth remedies that were natural and organic. Organic ingredients were key because I didn’t want to put anything in my hair that would make the problem worse. To my surprise many of the herbs that I already had in my garden happened to be SERIOUS hair growth promoters. I blended everything up and tested it on my hair for a few months and my hair grew back thicker and stronger while conditioning the rest of my hair.


One day, my daughter came into my bathroom to get some products for her hair and after using my hair treatment a few times she noticed her hair was growing like crazy. Eventually my whole family and friends were using the product, my friends were using it for their kids and insisted that I start selling my hair growth product. After 2 years, I finally created CWHaircare to help other people that also suffered from hair loss. Once the business started growing, my daughter decided that she wanted to learn and assist with managing the business and the day to day operations. This family business and product has transformed people’s hair and lives around the world all by providing a natural solution to an everyday problem.

-Chaleta Wilson

I believed that my mom had produced something special and that she should share it with more people.  Since my mom had two corporate jobs I knew it would be hard for her to start a business and do corporate America at the same time.  This is when I decided to join my mom in her business and help her get the word out and to help other people that suffer from hair loss as she did.

-Dominique Wilson

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