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Products are "NATURAL" & "ORGANIC" so 'No synthetic Emulsifiers to prevent separation...if you store the oil in a cool place the Shea butter will settle at the bottom, so warm it up in a glass of hot water and "SHAKE WELL"!!!

Loc Care Weekly Wash
Alopecia before... (after soon to come)
Alopecia after & Black Rice Water
Latina Hair Care Length Check
How To Use The Cytophylactic Scalp Spray & Silk Growth Oil
How to use & How I like the Growth Set in 'Twi' language (Ghanaian) From one of our customers in Ghana
Moroccan Argan Oil & Jojoba Butter Wash Detangling...Easy Peasy!
Growth Set Use on Caucasian Hair Type...Still Works Great!
Black Beard Elixir
Fermented Black Rice Water Protein Treatment
Caring For & Growing Our Childrens Hair Properly w/CW Haircare