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Bonnets and Benefits from CW Haircare Online Store

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Bonnets everywhere this Christmas holiday season from the CW Haircare Official Website and we are just getting started with the precious satin materials for your well kept hair as you journey

Explore the great array of bonnets from the CW Haircare Online Store below:

Brief History:

Hand crafted in Ghana, West Africa, this beautiful bonnet has a satin interior to always protect the hair, and a high quality cotton exterior for vibrant beauty. Add color and style to your wardrobe with this one. You can take the ties around and tuck them or create a stylish bow in the front or back. Also excellent for sleeping!

How to Use our CW Haircare Satin Bonnets:

Wash in cold water, air dry to retain shape and color (see below)

Benefits of Using Bonnets:

  • Protects your hair: This is a great layer of protection used to enhance your #hairgrowth when using the CW Haircare Growth Set

  • Keeps the moisture of your hair so it won’t dry out: This is important for hair hydration

  • Eliminate frizziness and damage to the hair: Start using our Legon 2 Bonnet for your Hair Growth benefits

Who can wear these Satin Bonnets?

All the satin bonnets are available for all ages, both men and women, who care about their hair growth and healthy lifestyle owning your hair like a boss!

Come and shop with us at CW Haircare for your hair growth long-lasting experience! Don't forget to leave us a review here or scan our QR Code below!


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