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Protective Styles Do's and Don'ts for Hair Growth: Watch on YouTube

Protective styles are amazing for protecting the hair and giving it much needed rest and allowing it to grow, here we discuss some of the most beautiful protective styles, how to take care of them and what NOT to do so that you don't ruin your hair and hair follicles.

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Watch this video on YouTube to learn how to grow your hair with Olive oil

What we do: We Grow Hair...PERIOD! Website: Instagram: Pinterest: Music: We Grow Hair...PERIOD! We Grow Hair...PERIOD! We use all-natural, organic products to stop hair breakage, promote longer, thicker hair, and a healthier scalp. One of our Mottos is "You Have To Put Good In...To Get Good Out".

When to wash and protect your hair

If your scalp is really itchy and you notice some buildup, use the tea tree shampoo & conditioner from our CW Haircare products and get the right product you need to protect your hair staying fresh and ready to go. You can use it for 2 minutes to keep it smelling good and refreshing.

Another way to prevent breakage, bed head and fizz, wrap up your hair in silk at night to promote longevity. One thing to remember is, please ensure whoever is doing it, including you, the person is not pulling on your edges. You need to keep your edges fresh and looking good so you can stay healthy and strong building your hair growth journey successful.

Reminder from our recent article

Hair looks can occur for so many reasons including:

  • Medications

  • High blood pressure

  • Stress (the number one reason why people have hair loss)

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Quick Recap:

"The scalp is the birthplace of the hair, you have to put good in to get good out" - D. Wilson

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