Fermented Black Rice Water w/Mint

Fermented Black Rice Water w/Mint

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Of course CWHaircare, Inc. brings you the best of the best!  Our New "Black Rice Water" rinse is a brilliant addition to our lineup.  The purest, most organic Black Rice with it's protein chain untouched was found in Indonesia China, so guess where we get our organic Black Rice from...Yep, Indonesia China!  Trust me when I tell you trying to import from China during COVID-19 is a hot mess!  But I think we purchased enough to fulfill all orders.


Rinsing your hair with rice water has been a staple of the Ancient Egyptians for thousands of years as a secret hair growth weapon.  Rice water is known to cause quick and extreme growth that a person hasn't previously experienced.  Black Rice water has been considered better than white rice because first it hasn't been chemically altered, it is more effective because of its untouched natural protein chain and works faster in terms of hair growth. If you have used rice water before then you know how bad it can smell once you let it ferment. But, a lot of people have notice that black rice water does not have that rotten egg smell!  Also, lets not forget ours is All Natural and Organic making it more pure and powerful! 


With the addition of mint to our Black Rice Water, this also makes it a follicle stimulator and scalp repair treatment...BOOM!

  • Ingredients:

    Water, Fermented Organic Black Rice, Organic Mint Oil.

  • Benefits:

    1. Promotes extreme hair growth at lengths not previously seen
    2. Removes split ends
    3. Removes Dandruff
    4. Deep conditions hair
    5. Makes hair stronger
    6. Rich in antioxidant
    7. Follicle stimulator
    8. Scalp soother
  • Directions:

    After shampooing your hair with our Tea Tree or Argan Oil Jojoba butter shampoo, apply one of our moisturizing conditioners and leave that on for at least 5 minutes, rinse out.   Apply the Black rice water to the scalp and hair, cover with a plastic cap for 30-40 minutes, then rinse out and style as usual.  Recommended as a weekly treatment or during your regularly scheduled wash day.

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