Silk Growth Oil Set (No Coconut) 2 oils / 8oz each

Silk Growth Oil Set (No Coconut) 2 oils / 8oz each

SKU: 0029

(2) Oils in set

Made specifically for those who are allergic to Coconut Oil. This variation of our Silk Growth Oil replaces the Coconut Oil with Pure Organic 100% Moroccan Argan Oil!


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What Does It Do?

Silk Growth Oil is formulated with 6 organic essential oils which provide for 'RAPID' hair growth, it makes the hair shiny with a healthy glow and provides strength, luster, maintains PH balance, repairs dead skin cells and gives more elasticity to the hair which helps to prevent breakage. This Growth Oil has the ability to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft and work from the inside out. Combined with the Cytophylactic Scalp Spray which helps to reverse Alopecia by promoting faster skin cellular turnover rates that penetrates into the scalps skin cells which open and strengthen the hair follicle.  The Growth Oil provides the new skin cells with all the nutrients it needs (and then some) to grow longer stronger hair...RAPIDLY!


Make your hair stronger, shinier, and more beautiful with our growth Silk Scalp Oil. The oil comes with a conven