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"The scalp is the birthplace of the hair, you have to put good in to get good out" - D. Wilson

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 All Natural &

Non Toxic Hair Care

We've focused all of our energy and resources on creating a solution that solves the biggest hair problems; hair loss and scalp damage.​ CW Hair Care™ infuses every formula with natural oils, butters, moisturizers and conditioners from mother earth herself. These essential blend of ingredients  provide remarkable nourishment that help keep hair looking and feeling great.

Our products are the perfect regimen for every hair type. Whether you have curly/bushy, wavy or kinky/coily hair, CW Hair Care™ has created a special blend of products designed to nourish, tame, grow, and beautify your textures. We believe that better natural products results in better healthy hair.


All CW Hair Care™ products are Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, and contain No Mineral Oil or Petroleum. Only Eco-Friendly natural preservatives are used to ensure high quality, sustainable products with long shelf life.

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CW Hair Care

Organic hair care products made with rare, natural ingredients that promote healthy hair growth. Specializing in hair care products for natural hair, relaxed hair, curly hair, and straight hair.


In Stores At:

AD Beauty & Hair

Conyers, Ga

Phone: 678-274-9055


PD & K Beauty Supply

710 Holcomb Bridge RD, Ste 220

Roswell, Ga

Phone: 678-720-5879


Abbey's Beauty Supply

2667 Powder Springs RD, SW 30064

Phone: 678-567-1866


Zoet Beauty Supply

1025 Veterans Memorial Hwy #670

Mableton, GA 30126

Phone: 678-742-8063

Instagram: zoetbeautysupply

Nino Lakes

This product is completely amazing. I’ve been using it for only a 6 weeks and I’ve seen growth in my hair length. I need more LOL..


All I have to say is I have my edges back! THANK YOU!


Love this product!

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